JC02 Hinoki Kougei [woodwork] × Peter Marigold

Research & Development : Tomoya Tabuchi


Finding the essence of wood at the roots of wood craftsmanship.

The collaboration between Hinoki Kougei, Japan’s leading woodwork factory, and Peter Marigold, who is known for creating sculpture-like products, has now become a reality. They have one thing in common. They both place great value on the unique characteristics of materials. When Marigold came to Japan, he already had proposals he had prepared in London. But, after he met with Chuzo Tozawa, the head of Hinoki Kogei, he was so impressed and inspired by Chuzo’s artisan approach to craftsmanship that he started proposing many new ideas on the spot. Conversely, Chuzo was inspired by Marigold and suggested incorporating a woodwork technique into the product that has been used since ancient times. Here we see a marriage of two elements: modern design concept and artisan skills that can be traced back to ancient Japan.

Large W2200×D380×H420mm
Medium W1800×D380×H420mm
Small W1400×D380×H420mm

The factory is situated in Saitama-shi, Saitama prefecture.


Trying out the spear plane, an ancient carpenter tool.


During presentation.


Driving a wedge into cypress.


Not cutting, but [splitting].


The splitting technique reveals the beautiful grains.


The sound of the polishing echoing through the workshop.


Hinoki Kougei

Hinoki Kougei Founded in 1977 by Chuzo Tozawa. The company’s extensive work includes the production of custom-made furniture for public institutions, high-end hotels, and Japanese-style inns as well as interior work for trains. The wide range of works Hinoki Kougei has completed is testimony to their skills and high standards, and the company has earned immense trust from architects and designers domestically and internationally. Hinoki Kougei caters extensively to the difficult needs of customers by having a wide variety of precious wood always in stock, the forms of which range from logs to sliced veneers.

Peter Marigold

Born in 1974 and based in London. Peter Marigold approaches materials from many different angles and brings focus to the unique characteristics of the materials while preserving what comes out naturally from them. He is known for his skills in materializing the essence of materials into sculpture-like furniture and furnishings.

Research & Development: Tomoya Tabuchi

Born in Tochigi in 1974. After graduating from Kuwasawa Design Institute, he worked as an in-house designer for a furniture company. In 2010, he founded [office for creation] and began working as a freelance designer. Specializing in furniture design, he is also works as a graphic designer and art director.

Hinoki Kougei
Hinoki Kougei
Peter Marigold
Peter Marigold
Research & Development: Tomoya Tabuchi
Research & Development: Tomoya Tabuchi