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R&D Wataru Kumano

“HOLLOW Cooking Knife"”

World-famous sharpness and new sensibilities – the perfect partner for global cuisine

Blacksmithing long prospered in the Tsubame Sanjo region of Niigata Prefecture ever since Japanese nail production began there during the Edo period, and today, a variety of industries involved in metal processing have taken root based around blacksmithing.
Among the many factories of Tsubame Sanjo that are trusted throughout the world for their skill, Suwada Blacksmith Works is a company whose nail nippers are currently enjoying overwhelming popularity worldwide, so much so that the company is struggling to keep up with the demand. For participation in this project, Suwada has decided to try producing its first-ever kitchen knife.
The members of BIG-GAME visited not only the Suwada Open Factory, but also the workshops of other local knife makers and the local industrial center that provides a view of other locally-produced goods. They experienced firsthand the quality and craftsmanship of the products, and saw the potential for creating kitchen knives that would be well-received anywhere in the world. The result is a series of 100% stainless steel kitchen knives with hollow handles that feature various elements of Suwada’s iconic nail nippers in meticulous detail. Consisting of Petty, Nakiri and Santoku knife, these essential cooking tools are the crystallization of the sensibilities and wisdom of the region to create form, function, and sharpness, and they will fit perfectly in any kitchen in the world.


SUWADA Blacksmith Works

SUWADA was established in 1926, or the 15th year
of the Taisho period, to produce a carpenter’s
tool called a “kuikiri,” a type of nippers used to
cut wire and to remove the heads of nails.After
WWII, the company began leveraging the same
techniques to produce a wide variety of specialty
cut ting implements by hand.Among those
products, its unique nail nippers have become
amazingly popular for their unrivaled sharpness
and ease of use.


BIG-GAME is a product and interior design studio
established in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2004 by
designers Augustin Scott de Martinville (France),
Elric Petit (Belgium), and Grégoire Jeanmonod
(Switzerland). Its designs, which unif y the
different viewpoints of the three designers,
feature a coexistence between refi ned practicality
and an accessible approach to daily life.

SUWADA Blacksmith Works
SUWADA Blacksmith Works