The materials nurtured by the natural features of various districts nourishes the sensitivity of people, develops their skills, supports their life and pass down the history.

Since 2011, Japan Creative has been promoting collaboration projects to connect Japanese craftsmen with designers inside and outside Japan so that the new potential of the Japanese craftsmanship, which has been cultivated by the tradition, the regional characteristic and the unique creativity, could be drawn by the superb feel of international design. The 24 projects launched during these years have also revealed the diversity of the materials existing in Japan and, although firmly anchored in Japanese aesthetics and traditions, they focus on the rediscovery of natural materials and their ability to enrich the world of design with a new creative spirit.

As the next stage, Japan Creative focuses on, seek and learn the universal values of the various materials, and we’ll continue to think about what design can achieve so that the value of the material will be utilized in the future.